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Plamu Art Academy was established in 2006, and its curriculum is based on the British Museum education system. It is currently rated as the number one culture & art education center in Korea, and has now opened its first U.S. location in Irvine, CA.

“You need enough input to get a tangible output”

In order to foster creative thinking in our future leaders, Plamu’s museum education system puts great emphasis on developing the ability to ‘appreciate’ art in life.

Education based on repeated visual and intellectual stimulation is key to developing children’s creativity, character, cultural sensibility, and their ability to express ideas. Plamu lays a solid foundation for children to become creative future leaders who learn to use their cultural and artistic values in every part of their lives.

We endeavor to develop children’s Creative Intelligence, Cultural Intelligence, and Communicational Intelligence with a continuous study of our curriculum and quality lessons from our highly trained teachers.

1. Story Telling

Build visual experiences with famous artworks under different themes.

  • Creative integration of history, science, culture and art.
  • Building advanced knowledge and experience
  • Developing ability to appreciate art
  • Internal motivation

2. Idea

Get ready for art activities with workbooks

  • Developing ideas and expressing them into a sketch
  • Improving ability to critique art
  • Encouraging logical thinking

3. Activity

Enjoy fun art activities that include drawing, crafting, and painting

  • Diverse art activities: Drawing, cooking, making, performance, design.
  • Developing high creativity and originality
  • Improvng basic drawing skills



Art skill and technique improvement 



Expressing opinions using pictures and words


Developing social skills and logical reasoning


Exploring science behind famous artwork


Learning world history and diverse cultures

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Location: 810 Roosevelt Ave, Irvine, CA 92620

Telephone: (949) 208-2188

Email: info@plamu.com

Hours: M-F: 3pm - 7pm
                Sat: 10am
- 4pm
                Sun: Closed

*During COVID-19 Pandemic, please contact us Monday through Friday between 11am-5pm. We apologise for any inconvenience caused.

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