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The programs offered at Plamu Art Center were developed in our London Center in 2005. They were designed to introduce other aspects of life into an art program, such as “art and science”, “art and history”, and “art and culture”. These programs are tailored to each age group, and encompass drawing, art history, design and art play focused on improving a child’s ability to appreciate art. Plamu’s teaching method is comprised of building background knowledge, developing ideas, fun activities and after-learning process to develop a child’s creativity and systematic learning habits.

The objective of Plamu Art Center is to make children feel happy and loved, thereby fostering talents with creative and integrative thinking.


5-7 year / 70 Minutes


Plamu Workshop is an integrated art program that involves activities with diverse themes aimed at enabling children to express their ideas in intellectual and creative way.


7-8 year / 90 minutes


Plamu Portfolio is an integrated art program which helps children to internalize various information and experiences and utilize them for problem solving.

Artist Beginner

9-13 year / 120 minutes


The program covers art history, understanding of various spheres of design, study on modern artwork and artists as well as intensive drawing lessons. This is a program specifically designed for students who wish to major in art or take more advanced lessons.

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